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Once you have generated your API key and passed it along to the GT-EX team your GT-EX account will be linked to your WooCommerce allowing for order data to be imported to GT-EX’s system with a click of a button.

How to Access WooCommerce Order Import Tool

Video Summary

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  1. Once logged in to your GT-EX account you will see this screen

2. Select the “New Bulk Booking” Button

3. This will take you to this screen

4. Ensure when on this screen you input the correct “service level”, “sender” and “collection address” in this form. This collection address information will be used for all shipments booked via this process.

5. Once you have confirmed all information is correct select “Begin Bulk Import”

6. This will take you to this screen

7. Once on this page select the “Import From WooCommerce” button

8. This will automatically import all of your WooCommerce shipments with a status of “Processing” into the GT-EX system

9. When the import has been completed the screen will look like this

10. Once the you see this screen you are clear to start booking your WooCommerce shipments.

Booking WooCommerce Shipments in GT-EX

Before starting this process ensure you have the WooCommerce packing slips attached to your shipments

Video Summary – Using a Scanner

Steps – Booking (No Scanner)

  1. In the “Single Actions” tabs ensure the “Book” tab is selected

2. Copy the “Ref” number for the shipment you want to book and paste it into the “scan” box

3. Once the “Ref” number is in the “scan” box press “Enter” key and it will book the shipment, Automatically generating and prompting you to pint a GT-EX label

(please note that this is a fake address)

4. Once the label has been printed you can see the shipment has been booked by the generated GT-EX consignment

Steps – Adding Items (No Scanner)

If the item count for your shipment is greater than 1 you can update the Item count BEFORE booking the shipment. Reason Being the default number of items when importing WooCommerce orders is 1 item seen here


  1. Ensure the “+ Item” tab is selected

2. Similar to the booking procedure copy the “Ref” number of the un-booked shipment and enter in into the “scan” box

3. Once “Ref” number is entered into the “scan” box press the “Enter” key, this will add 1 aditonal item to the item count

4. Repeat this process until the actual Item count is reflected in the GT-EX system, then you are clear to book

Steps – Re-printing Labels (No Scanner)

If for any reason you need to re-print a label for a booked shipment You can do so by following these steps.

  1. Ensure the “Reprint” tab is selected

2. Copy and Paste the “Ref” number into the “scan” box

3. Once the “Ref” number is in the “scan” box press the “Enter” Key, this will trigger the print label prompt to appear again for the shipment

(Please note this is a fake address)

Closing the Bulk Booking

Every night GT-EX runs an automated program that will automatically remove all un-booked shipments and close the bulk booking. Do not worry when you next import from your WooCommerce store all of the removed shipments that still have the “processing” status will be imported back in for booking.

Contact Us

If you run into any problems during these processes please do not hesitate to reach out to our team of experts at GT-EX. We re always happy to walk you through our programs or answer any questions.

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