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Not Home to Receive Shipment?

If you are not available to receive a delivery do not worry our driver will attempt to call the phone number provided on the booking. If authority to leave is not given from this phone call out drivers will take the shipment back to the local depot where our customer support team will be in […]

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What is Authority to Leave (ATL)?

Authority to Leave (ATL) is a service that can be applied to any service level that allows our drivers to deliver a shipment to an address without a signature from a receiver, this only applies if the driver deems a safe place to leave is available or a safe place has been predetermined by the […]

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What is Dimensional Weight?

Dimensional weight is a calculation of the cubic area a package takes and converting it into a kilogram value (length X height X Width / 4000 = X Kg) . We take this “Dimensional weight” and compare the calculated weight and the scale weight, determine which one has the higher Kg value and will charge […]

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