How to tape your boxes securely


Give your package the support it needs on its journey. Remember it’ll be picked up and put down a lot, and rub shoulders with many new friends as it travels in the cargo holds of vans, trucks, and aircraft.

Tape does three jobs:

  • keeps the top closed
  • keeps the box together and stops the bottom or sides splitting
  • keeps the documents and labels stuck to the box

So after you’ve taped the box closed, put two complete loops of tape around the box. Then rotate it and put two more complete loops the other way. Tape is strongest when one end overlaps the other, making a complete circle where tape is stuck to tape.

If you’re attaching a label that’s printed on plain paper, cover the entire label in clear tape. If you only tape the top of the label, it will tear off about 40 seconds after it gets in the van. If you tape the top and bottom, the middle will get ripped off by a conveyor belt somewhere.

Proper taping is so important that we give you free GT-EX tape! Our tape is also brightly coloured with our contact details on it. This helps everyone along the way identify and sort your packages faster.