How to send wine safely


Your fragile bottles of wine travel in the cargo hold, the same as all other freight.  Having an expensive bottle of wine arrive smashed really takes the cheer out of the gesture. If you only send the good stuff once a year, here’s how to do it safely and quickly.

We send wine around Australia and New Zealand

Because of cargo and and import regulations governing alcohol, we restrict our service to wine, and only domestically or to New Zealand.

Be aware that there is likely to be duty and GST on imports of wine into New Zealand. To avoid delays (and your recipient being charged fees on arrival) please mark your consignment as Free Domicile (DDP).

Use wine packs to prevent breakage

You will need to source appropriate packaging.  For wine the easiest is Australia Post’s ‘Wine Pak’.  You can pick these up from your local Post Office.  They hold the bottle securely so it doesn’t move around inside, and pad it against bumps and knocks.


You can definitely attach “fragile” stickers, but that won’t help if there’s turbulence or a pothole in the road. Proper packaging is your first line of defence.

For larger distributions, import shipping labels and print in bulk

If you’re sending to more than ten recipients preparing an Excel spreadsheet will save you time.  Then you can book all your shipments in one step by uploading this spreadsheet into our booking system.  If you have a label printer you can also print sticky shipping labels with one click.  The only tricky part will be sticking the labels to all your cartons!

GT-EX can manage the whole process for you

Many clients choose to engage GT-EX to do it all for them.  We’ll send a driver to Dan Murphy’s (or Tempus Two if that’s how you roll) and pick up the bulk-packed wine that you pre-ordered. Email us your spreadsheet of recipients.  We will re-pack so it’s safe for transport and attach the shipping labels.  Everything’s looked after from pick up to delivery.

Contact us today to take the fuss out of your wine distribution.

Look at all these festive Xmas Wine Paks in our warehouse just waiting for your wine!

Wine Paks in warehouse