​GT-EX Homeship

​​Distribute office supplies, IT equipment, ​​and general goods direct to your home-based workforce

​How It ​Works

​​We ​accept delivery from your suppliers direct into ​a GT-EX depot in your capital city. ​From there we​ coordinate ​all home deliveries in one streamlined process.

Why Choose ​Homeship?

​Eliminate the workload

  • We manage the whole process, so you don't need to be in the office
  • Homeship distributes Locally, Nationally, Internationally
  • We can store your goods then​ ship on demand
  • We have ​equipment to ​handle large boxes, pallets, and containers
  • ​Gives your suppliers an industrial-grade ​​facility for single-point bulk ​delivery

​Send your recipient list, we'll handle it

  • ​We will work from your data files, print labels, package and deliver
  • Use our spreadsheet template for bulk upload of delivery bookings
  • We can co-ordinate remotely

​Help your staff stay safe

  • Maintains social distancing and circumvents building lockdown issues
  • This means more efficient, quicker deployment to homes
  • Less chance of surfaces becoming contaminated
  • DG (Dangerous Goods) compliant ​handling for items such as alcohol based hand sanitisers

​How To Get Started

​​1. ​Enter your contact details, let us know you're interested in Homeship

​2. Optionally, ​tell us what capital cities you want us to accept goods into

​3. We'll ​provide ​our delivery addresses and ​next steps

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