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Once a booking has been made and you need to update to total number of items being sent you will need to get in touch with GT-EX customer support via live chat, phone or email.

Information GT-EX will need:
  • Consignment number for the shipment needing items updated (always starts with CC100)
  • Correct number of items being shipped
  • re-label the items once item count has been corrected
Once a booking has been made and you need to update collection or delivery instructions you will need to contact GT-EX customer support via live chat, phone or email.

Information GT-EX will need:
  • Consignment number for the shipment (always starts with CC100)
  • Is it for the collection or delivery end of the shipment
  • The instructions to be put against the shipment
To update a shipment address after you have completed the booking, you will need to contact GT-EX customer support via live chat, phone or email.

Information needed for GT-EX staff to update the addressing:
  • Consignment/tracking number (always starts with CC100)
  • The address you wish to change (collection or delivery address)
  • The updated address details including, contact name and phone number
  • Once an address has been updated, please re-label the shipment with the updated address label.


Authority to Leave (ATL) is a feature that can be applied to any service level that allows the delivery of a shipment to an address without a signature from a receiver, this only applies if a safe place to leave the items is available or a safe place has been predetermined by the customer.

This is an ideal solution for residential deliveries for when you know the receiver will not be home for the majority of the time window (9am-5pm).
If you are not available to receive a delivery do not worry our driver will attempt to call the phone number provided on the booking.

If authority to leave is not given from this phone call our drivers will take the shipment back to the local depot where our customer support team will be in contact to organise a re-delivery.

Know you will not be home for a shipment? you can contact GT-EX customer support via live chat, phone or email to reschedule the delivery ahead of time.
Dimensional weight is a calculation of the cubic area a package takes and converting it into a kilogram value using this formula:

length X height X Width / 4000 = X Kgs

We take this “dimensional weight” and compare the calculated weight and the scale weight, determine which one has the higher Kg value and base the pricing of the shipment off the larger value.
There are 3 ways to contact GT-EX with any questions you may have:
  1. Live Chat – access within seconds to one of our customer service staff to help you with any questions by selecting the chat box located in the bottom right hand corner of our website or “click here” to start a conversation
  2. Phone: (02) 8199 5500– No hold times, just a couple rings and you will be connected to one of our freight experts to help with your questions
  3. Email: – Constantly monitored email inbox, with a response of 1 hour or less on average


There are 3 ways to get a quote from GT-EX:
  1. Using the automatic quote generator available in the GT-EX customer portal dashboard
  2. The public quote feature available from any “Get a Quote” button on this website
  3. Reaching out to GT-EX customer support via live chat , (02) 8199 5500 or

Information GT-EX will need for the quote:
  • Do you have a GT-EX account, if so which company are you representing
  • Contact names and phone numbers for collection/delivery addresses
  • Collection address (including suburb and post code)
  • Delivery address (including suburb and post code)
  • Weight of the item
  • Dimensions of the item (if available – if provided a more accurate quote can be produced)
  • number of items
  • Item description


Economical road transport, ideal for less time-sensitive 10kg+ shipments.
Overnight delivery to capital cities and regional centres.
Our Metro service are broken down into three levels with the numbers representing the minutes the shipment will be collected and delivered in:
  • M90 (1.5 hour turnaround)
  • M180 (3 hour turnaround)
  • M240 (4 hour turnaround)

A same day service available for customers that have time critical shipments with collection and delivery locations within one of Australia’s capital cities.
A service for shipments outside the normal requests, project logistics, freight forwarding, dangerous goods etc..

The charges for QRS shipments are manually created by our staff once the booking has been made and can not be generated automatically by using the quoting function of the GT-EX customer portal.
Our elite services are split into 2 service levels with premium standards for our customers:

  • Elite Time Definite (ETD) – A service offering that allows for specific collection and delivery windows to be selected with hourly monitoring by our staff of logistics experts from booking to delivery.
  • Elite Next Flight (ENF) – Our highest level of service, allowing for bee lining freight to is destination on the next flight (if interstate or international), including customised time windows for collection and delivery for customers.

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