Couriers for the tourism industry


With a number of highly respected tourism and cruise line clients, GT-EX understands the special needs of companies in your industry. Here’s some of the things we can provide to these clients:

Proactive resolution of redeliveries. Redeliveries can leave a bad taste in customers’ mouths and they also add up to a major expense. It’s especially challenging in the tourism industry where staff and customers are always on the move.

We get ahead of failed deliveries and work hard to ensure that as many shipments as possible land in the receiver’s hands first time. We work just as hard when a first delivery is missed, to reschedule it successfully before it turns into a dissatisfied customer and a return-to-sender.

We handle event and exhibition freight. Our tourism clients are often featured at conferences and exhibitions around the globe, and they appreciate how easy we make it. From mints to booths, brochures to signage, we get event freight where it needs to go and back again.

We provide packing services including for oversized items, and we understand how to work in with conference facility providers for the smoothest experience.

Cost-effective quotes on heavy freight movements. From time to time our tourism clients will have something truly massive to move from A to B. We take our full-service “anything, anywhere, anytime” philosophy seriously. Not only do we know how to get it done, using our network of partners around the globe, but we find a way to get it done affordably. Our clients are with us for the long term and we pass these savings on to you.