Couriers for media companies


Media companies have some specific needs when it comes to courier services and express freight services. GT-EX understands these challenges that media companies constantly face and have made it part of our mission to produce tailored service experiences to provide value in our partnership to media company clients.

Always kept in the loop.

We are a partner to your business, your deadlines are our deadlines and being in the loop with what’s going on with your shipments makes all the difference. We make it a point to stay on top of your shipping requirements and make sure to keep you updated on their statuses so you can keep your clients updated. This unrivaled communication between our team and clients is what sets GT-EX apart and what allows us to foster a true partnership of value.

Express handling for delayed flights. Delayed aircraft are a fact of life, but they don’t need to result in missed deadlines. Instead of losing a day of transit because a connection was missed, we look for ways to speed up processing and handling so new connections get made in order to meet those urgent deadlines despite unexpected delays. Our media clients really appreciate that we notice when deadlines might be missed and do everything we can to deliver.

Saturday collection and delivery. When a project spills over to the weekend, our media clients still count on GT-EX to make it happen. It’s a premium service, but one that fits in to our philosophy of moving things anywhere any time. We’re committed to enabling our clients to succeed at whatever they’re doing by making freight and logistics not only possible for out there requests but effortless for the customer to organise.