Couriers for financial services companies


We talked to some of our financial services clients about why they chose GT-EX for courier services. Here are the top things they love about GT-EX.

Flexible Invoicing

There are no two organisations that are exactly the same, a key point of difference between each organisation is how their financials operate. Here at GT-EX we recognise the fluidity of accounts payable requirements our clients have and offer tailored invoicing plans to run weekly, monthly or calendar monthly to facilitate a partnership that seamlessly integrates with our clients.

GT-EX E-Invoices Export

Financial services clients often need to allocate courier expenses by cost centre, job, or department. In order to foster ease of access to this information for accounts payable departments with strict invoice checking. GT-EX provides multiple forms of digital invoices ranging from excel, csv, google sheets etc. to allow for cross-referencing review of our clients shipments. Don’t just trust you are getting what you pay for verify it.

Deliveries by our own Drivers

Having our dedicate team of drivers holds certain advantages not just for us but for our customers as well. The most prominent being in contact radio contact with our drivers meaning if you have any last minute updates to a shipments address we can process them in minutes getting your package where it needs to be without wasting time in re-processing. Understanding we are an extension of our clients brand image and embrace this role with our fleet of branded vans and drivers uniforms while servicing our customers.

The Mail Run

For our clients, we pick up mail from their mail room and lodge outgoing mail within our system for completion by our dedicated staff. One less thing to worry about! Our courier service is better than traditional Post, our customer service team pride themselves on being easily contactable with a phone call or live chat eager to ensure all of your questions are answered at first contact, no on hold waiting times just straight to a logistics expert. We offer exceptional live tracking capability at your fingertips with just a few clicks, for all of your urgent shipments that require that extra bit of love.

Dedicated account manager, staff answering the phones. This one isn’t unique to our financial services clients. We hear from many of our clients how refreshing it is to pick up the phone and talk directly to someone who takes care of things.

Try it:

call 1300 732 425 or 0800 600 210 and prepare to be amazed.