Choosing the best Metro service level


When you need something delivered same-day within the same city, you’ll want our Metro service.

Here’s how to choose the right service level and how the charges are calculated.

Our Metro courier service is our same-day delivery solution for major Australian city areas. This service level is segmented into three levels: the M90, M180, and M240, where the number represents the delivery window after the package is scheduled “ready for collection.” For instance, if the package is ready at 10:00am on an M90 service, the delivery window will be before 11:30am.

Each Metro service will have a different cutoff time as listed below:

  • For M240, same-day collection cut-off time is 1:00pm.
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  • For M180, same-day collection cut-off time is 2:00pm.
  • For M90, same-day collection cut-off time is 3:30pm.

Metro services are charged by distance in kilometres, plus a base charge per item and a small surcharge if there are tolls on the driver’s route. As you might expect, the M90 is the most expensive service and the M240 is the least expensive. Choose the one that suits your deadlines best. All the services have the same tracking and proof of delivery allowing for our customers to monitor the transit of their shipment remotely, and the same attentive monitoring from our staff from the moment they are created all the way through to delivery.