International Elite Next Flight service


Our premium Elite Next Flight service is available everywhere, including internationally. What does this mean for you in terms of delivery time?

A feature of the ENF service is that our consultants will work with you to get the service and results you need. Let’s look at some of the things to consider.

For international shipments, there’s usually a jump in complexity and cost if you say “this needs to be there overnight”. But it’s comforting to know that when your deadline is critical, we can give you options including next flight out to most parts of the world.

The “Next Flight” part of ENF will always apply to your shipment in that we will get it onto the next flight out of Australia. This may include a direct flight when available, but more often it will mean direct connection into a regional hub such as Singapore, Hong Kong, Dubai, or Los Angeles. Once at the hub, options we have to connect on a service to your ultimate destination are increased substantially.

What if it really has to be there overnight? Maybe you’re sending documents to be signed at a meeting the next day, a tender for a multi-million contract, or pharmaceutical samples with critical time and temperature requirements.

For this we can place an on-board courier on a flight to your destination. This means someone is in a seat with your special item close at hand. The on-board courier, with your package in hand, is checked through to the final destination where a taxi awaits for direct drive to your final delivery point.

This way there are no ground handling or customs clearance delays. Important notices en-route are immediately relayed to you by the courier, and you receive phone confirmation of delivery as it happens. Many of our clients have needed to use this service with guaranteed results.