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Behind the Bar with Kubarz

Cocktails are a timeless social beverage, and in case you needed an extra excuse to break out your highball glasses, April 9 is National Gin and Tonic Day!

In honour of this delicious occasion we sat down with Drew Davies from Kubarz. The “Doyen of Cocktails”, he knows a thing or two about a great G&T!

What’s New With GT-EX

We believe in providing professional, reliable, flexible, and customer-focused freight solutions that connect people, products, and commerce across the globe. But we’re not content with just meeting our customers’ expectations. 

WooCommerce Integration with GT-EX

Once you have generated your API key and passed it along to the GT-EX team your GT-EX account will be linked to your WooCommerce allowing for order data to be imported to GT-EX’s system with a click of a button.

How Parcel Weight affects Courier Cost

Dimensional weight is the amount of space a package occupies in comparison to its actual weight. For all shipments, you are charged by measuring both actual and dimensional weight and applying whichever is greater.

How to Import Orders from WooCommerce to GT-EX

The following Blog is an informational snap shot on how GT-EX will integrate with your existing WooCommerce systems as seamlessly as possible. Step by step we will walk you through the simple processes we offer meeting the bulk shipping needs for your business.

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